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Innovative research in field of roll forming

The project objective is to develop a new process design and set-up methodology for the holistic optimization of roll forming. The methodology is based on the development of advanced FEM models for the torque and wear optimization, new servo-control strategies and a remote operator process setup assistant.

The process design is currently performed avoiding excessive plastic deformation of the metal strip regardless the torque distribution along the forming line. The tooling is then manufactured and the link between the process designers and the final production (problems and process variables) is lost.

The main purpose of the project is to link them using a servo-controller able to communicate with both of them, creating a closed loop for the holistic process optimization. A novel COPRA FEA RF® torque and wear estimation module will be used to send the theoretical torque, force and wear data to the controller. The operators will be able to use these data using a Remote Set-up assistant that will help them tuning the machine in less time and detect production problems earlier. The workshop operators will be able to write production data giving a direct feedback to the process designers. The servo controller aims also to use new control strategies to decrease the tool wear and improve the final profile geometrical accuracy.

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